Legislative Proposals to Change the Michigan Constitution

July 21, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report … more

A Solution to Local Government Debt

Pension and retiree health care liabilities are in crisis and the time to act is now … more

Why Michigan Pension Reform Matters

Michigan now a national leader on fixing pension problems … more

Why We Can’t Build Infrastructure Like We Used To

Regulatory burdens just as much to blame as political gridlock … more

How Many People Should be in Prison?

No easy answer, but here’s how to think about the question … more

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Statement on the Appointment of Vernuccio to the Federal Service Impasses Panel

Mackinac Center Senior Fellow appointed to federal position … more

Mackinac Center Publishes New Report to Simplify Complexities of Education Funding

How School Funding Works in Michigan can serve as resource for all stakeholders … more

Mackinac Center: Michigan a National Innovator in Pension Reform

State addresses underfunding while protecting earned benefits … more

Another Judge Upholds Teachers’ Right-to-Work Status; Faults Union’s Tactics

Mackinac Center calls on Michigan Education Association to stop sending teachers to collections … more

Mackinac Center Praises Groundbreaking Pension Reforms in Michigan

State demonstrates national leadership in addressing public employee retirement crisis … more

VoteSpotter App for Android and Apple iOS

Give instant feedback to legislators. … more
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